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The Maltese Forts

Two of the men recorded here were killed during the siege of Malta during WW2. Both served with Anti aircraft batteries and the siege can be followed in great detail through the Malta diaries website. Walter Longville was killed while serving with 4th A A Regiment during an enemy air attack. The position they occupied was at Delimara Point. Which is the south east corner of the island. There are a number of WW2 buildings still standing and the original Delimara Fort. It is a very small area and there is no indication of the exact position of the Anti Aircraft guns. However the fort which is crescent in shape would make an ideal position overlooking the bays, harbours and docks of Marsaxlokk, St Georges and Pretty Bay’s. This is now a massive Freeport and centre of Maltese trade. Despite our best attempts it was not possible to gain entrance to the old fort. There is only one entrance and this firmly locked. We did meet some local workmen there who told us through our very helpful taxi driver,(it is an out of the way location) that it had been used to keep pigs and was in a mess inside. They also said that the original Lancaster gun battery was still in place. What they were doing there with a flat back truck we could not find out but our driver suggested that building materials might be being removed for refurbishment of other island structures.

Cyril Bunn died while working the Anti Aircraft guns at Manoel Island. Originally and island it is now joined to the mainland by a road. This is north of the Grand Harbour over looked by the holiday resort of Sliema. Again it is not possible to gain access as it is in, what seems to be constant use as a film set. However a cruise around the Grand Harbour starts from Sliema Creek which involves sailing past the island. Here are a number of pictures of the two areas.