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Previous Events

Research Display 9th August 2014 Kingswinford Library

We were pleased to return to Kingswinford Library where we staged our first display in 2012. We now present a much  a larger display with many additions and greater detail of the men. It was great to see some of our regular visitors who have supported us from the start and just as pleasing to see so many new faces. I hope you all enjoyed it

Were always interested in any new information so please let us know if you have anything to tell us. If you have any suggestions where we may hold another event please contact us. We thank you for your support.   

Research Display 9th November 2013 The Cross, Kingswinford

We were very pleased to welcome Mayor Alan Finch and Mayoress Heather Finch to our Armistice display on the 9th November 2013.  We were also joined by Cllr Lynne Boleyn and Cllr Dave Tyler who have both been  great supporters of our project.  We had a great turn out with a steady through foot of visitors who I hope enjoyed our efforts.  We only hope that we were able to speak to everyone who had some information for us.  
We also owe our thanks to Celia, the Landlady of The Cross.  Without her great generosity in letting us use her premises we wouldn't have been able to put it on.  She is moving on to a new project in the New Year which we wish her the very best of luck with.  Unfortunately for us, it means we will need a new venue for any further event in Kingswinford, so if you have any suggestions please contact us.

" We would also like to thank Keith Turley the well known Wall Heath Artist who has very kindly donated some original artwork for us to use in the forthcoming 'Roll of Honour'.  It is all starting to come together.  Also, Ray Jones.  He has kindly donated the old Wall Heath Toc H banner for us to use at our displays.  A piece of original local history.

Research Display 29th June 2013 Wall Heath

We had some lovely weather for our event at Wall heath and were glad to welcome a steady flow of visitors during the day.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.  After a good deal of work we have been able to double the size of the display to the extent was we will have to organise our setting up a bit better.  We are most grateful to the descendants of Sam Cadman and Benjamin Broadway for lending us so much original material.  We hope they will feel able to do this again for future displays.  It was also very nice to meet the daughter of Arthur Shum and the son of Edward Price who had made special trips to visit us.  It gave us great pleasure to have Cllr Margaret Aston the Deputy Mayor and Cllr Adam Aston visit us as well.  Wall Heath’s own Cllr Dave Tyler who has been of great support also brought his family along to view the display.  We hope to see you all and many more at our next event, which we hope to stage in Kingswinford this autumn. We are currently searching for a venue, so if you have one in mind, please contact us. Our thanks are owed to Chris, Sheila and their team for all their hard work at the church hall.  Also to Sheila for letting us use some of her photo’s. If they were not prepared to give up their Saturdays and open the hall for us it just wouldn’t have happened.  Thank you all.

Research Display 16th February 2013 The Church of the Ascension, Church Hall

Our event on the 16th February was a great success for us.  As soon as we were set up visitors streamed in.  We picked up some useful leads and information, and very positive feedback. The photo is of our local co-ordinator Lis with the Express and Star photographer. We were very pleased to see Councillors Lynn Boleyn and Dave Tyler who have both been very supportive of our project.  We look forward to seeing you all again soon with I hope even more to show you.  So tell everyone you know it would be great to see even more new faces.

Launch Event 24th November 2012 Kingswinford Library

Our first Exhibition was held at Kingswinford Library on 24th November 2012.  We cannot say how much we appreciated the turn out for our event, and would like to thank all for their support.  A number of people where very kind and supplied us with some important information for our project and we thank them again for that.  We are always most appreciative of any help or support.  The smallest detail can help us identify one of those commemorated.